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Web Traffic Genius Review

Web Traffic Genius is WordPress plug-in brings tons of traffic, sales and leads to your WordPress sites without performing any hard task. It looks so difficult to get tons of traffic without any hectic task and you might be thinking it a scam. But if you will read this review and you will get amazing information about generating bucks and bucks of traffic. Working of this plug-in feels like magic but, it works in a very genuine way i.e. it brings powerful back-links on auto-pilot. To vanish out worries about this product, working magical formula of this plug-in is explained as below:

It follows very basic and simple steps in an extraordinary way to get you targeted viral traffic i.e.:

  1. It creates content pages focusing on keywords to develop interest of the users about your web portal.
  2. Second thing it does is it builds back-links to your WordPress and that’s it.

Yeah!! It’s obvious! You are amazed to know all this. Your mind might be revolving around how such simple points can work magically it’s not that simple as it looks. It will build content pages and back-links on every page of your WordPress, not just on home page. You will get deep-links automatically without doing anything and it is the key feature of traffic genius. This genius plug-in generates back links form top quality sites and are having weight behind them. So, all the back-links generated on your site are not equal and simple as you thought.

If you will work with this plug-in in a sensible and instructed way, it is assured, you will be able to take a fresh site from PR0 to PR3. Working of this plugin is not about traffic generation in fact it’s about taking your site to highest levels of success. Traffic genius package doesn’t contain this plug-in only but here is also enclosed a short video to help you installing this plug-in without any botheration. After watching this video, you will be able to install it on your WordPress within seconds because it has very simple and easy steps to follow. Whenever you will create a post, it will create RSS feed for the post automatically. After this process, your single post will be submitted to many leading RSS directories and this process will be again automatic.

Traffic genius will generate you bulks of traffic and when there will be more traffic on your site, your ranking will improve in all search engines. In this way, you will get more sales than ever and will be able to earn 6digit income. You can say it a multi-tasking plug-in that won’t only be used on your website or WordPress but whatever you do online, it is with you on your way. It is a RSS feed creator, submitter and traffic generator at one time. Along with all these qualities, it is very handy too.

This plug-in will share almost all the burden related to your online work completely. With its use, you will become free from hectic and bothering routine life and you will earn as much as well.


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