Tonsil Stones Secret Home Remedies


Tonsil Stones Remedies

If you are experiencing bad breath, it can be all due to bad bacterial causing smell in your breath due to tonsil stones. Being a sufferer of tonsil stones will certainly be causing lots of disturbances to your daily life. So, if you are a tonsillitis sufferer, you should immediately find out effective treatments to get rid of tonsils. Definitely, there are different remedies which are helpful to cure tonsil stones. Some helpful remedies are going to be discussed hereunder to help you out on your way of overcoming growing tonsils which can grow to the size of peas:

  • One of the effective tonsil stones secret remedies is use of crunchy veggies. Chewing raw and crunchy foods such as carrots, celery and cucumbers will work best to provide you relief from tonsillitis. Chewing crunchy foods will help dislodge tonsil stones and send them on through the digestive system. Reason is, these crunchy foods will act like mini toothbrushes and will brush the stones from all hiding places within tonsils folds.
  • Vinegar gargle is another good remedy to treat tonsil stones. Tonsil stones being formed are actually of calcium and vinegar gargle will dissolve the calcium. Take gargle and mix it with one tablespoon of vinegar. To make its paste, add one-forth warm cup of water into it to dissolve stones. Not only it will dissolve them but will also prevent them from reforming. Doing so will prevent colds and flu as it will kill germs which are actually a biggest cause of virus.
  • When you are about to cure tonsil stones, another effective remedy is nasal irrigation. Sometimes, tonsil stones are formed due to post-nasal drip. Hence, if you will clean out nasal passages, it will help you washing out tonsil stones as well. You can perform this task by using salt solution. Aside from salt solution, you can take good nasal spray available easily at local pharmacy. If you will consistently maintain nasal hygiene, you will certainly manage nasal stones for longer. At the same time, you will prevent stones from reforming.
  • Eating probiotic yogurt is one of the effective tonsil stones remedies. Eating probiotic yogurt is meant to fight off odor causing tonsil bacteria. Actually, tonsil stones are packed with sulfur producing bacteria and for this reason they smell too bad. This yogurt is responsible to keep digestive system working smoothly. Make sure you are eating yogurt without sugar because sugar is something can trigger the growth of tonsil stones. Your main concern is removal of tonsil stones thus, it is important you should avoid eating such food items which can worsen tonsil stones.
  • Manual removal might be the option you can try as one of the working tonsil stones remedies. You can remove these stones by hand if you have some spare time to do so. You can perform this task well with the help of toothpicks or Q-tips. You will get best results if you will perform this task. Best part is it is easier to perform.

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