Sinus Infection Treatment Without Antibiotics Home Remedies


Sinus Infection Treatment Natural Remedies

Sinus infection is not a chronic disease and remains not more than a week. You can overcome seasonal and infrequent sinus infection by over-the-counter medications on your own without seeing your doctor.  But if once it becomes chronic, you need to take help from your general practitioner. He will recommend you one of the following sinus infection treatments according to your signs and symptoms of sinusitis:

  • Antibiotics: The first type of sinusitis treatment is use of antibiotics according to the prescription of your doctor. He/she will recommend you this treatment if your infection won’t be cured within seven days. Actual reason behind uncured sinusitis is bacterial infection in your sinus cavity and to remove these germs, different kinds of antibiotics will be used as per your doctor’s prescription. One more thing you should keep in mind is consulting your doctor for sure within seven days of your infection otherwise worse symptoms can be appeared.

·         Steroid sprays or drops: When your sinusitis gets worse with time, tissues of your sinus cavity gets swelled and ultimately you start feeling problem in breathing. To deal with this symptom, different kinds of steroid sprays and drops are used. You can follow this type of sinus infection treatment as per prescription. This treatment is used only in severe cases to destroy chronic germs of your disease. But again it is said don’t ever follow any treatment without consulting your specialist.

·         Surgeries: When you won’t get effective results by antibiotics of steroid sprays and drops, last option for you might be the surgery. Different kinds of surgical treatments are used to cure chronic sinusitis and the most common type is functional endoscopic sinusitis. During this treatment, your surgeon will put you asleep and insert a thin tube with a lens named as endoscope into your nose to examine your sinus drainage channels. After examining your nose internally, surgeon will either remove an un-necessary tissue from your sinus cavity or fill your nose with a tiny balloon of air to open up the drainage passage.

·         Another way of sinus infection treatment is inserting self-dissolving implant into your sinus cavity. When the medicine will be dissolved gradually, swelled tissues of sinus cavity will be cured because drug goes right into sinus lining.

Moreover, you should change your eating habits. Avoid stuff responsible of worsening your infection. You should not eat stuff i.e. sugar, alcohol, fruits or fruit juices, peanut butter and flour etc., as these all are responsible in producing mucus to ruin your condition. Try to eat healthy stuff rich in vitamins and minerals to boost up your immune system against diseases. Food containing Vitamin A, B, C or F should be used for boosting your immunity.

Early stages of sinusitis don’t need any proper medicine or treatment because it is cured automatically within seven days. But if you still feel problem inside your sinus cavity, you must consult your doctor for sinus infection treatment before the signs and symptoms get worse.


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