Remove Of Moles And Warts Naturally


You might be thinking about treatments to get rid of ugly looking moles and warts on your face. Whether they are on your face or any part of body, you certainly want to remove them permanently. Moving with medicines might not give you solid results and it might be just wastage of money. To help you out on your way, here are some tips to show you guaranteed remove of moles and warts naturally. Hopefully, if you will try them out, you will certainly get effective results:

  • For removal of moles and warts naturally, a working remedy is soaking your warts into warm water for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, let them dry and when it gets completely dry, apply apple cider vinegar on it with some cotton. Let this solution apply on it for 15 minutes. Rinse it with fresh water and dry it. You can follow this routine for few days and it will gradually remove ugly looking warts or moles from your skin.
  • You can take an aloe vera gel from any cosmetic store. Apply this gel on warts by using cotton. Leave this gel to be applied for 3 hours so that it can be completely absorbed into skin. When previously applied gel gets full absorbed into skin, apply more gel but make sure you are using new cotton bandage every time. Continue this routine for fewer weeks and there will be certain removal of moles and warts. It is an effective home remedy for removal of moles and warts naturally and will surely work best.
  • On your way of removing moles and warts, a good herbal tea is there to help you out. What you just need to do is preparing the tea in a normal way. Add some portions of purple coneflowers, budock root or red clover into it. It is good remedy to remove warts from your skin. Practicing this remedy will help you preventing warts and moles permanently.
  • Obtain milk juice from trunk of banyan tree. Applying it on warts will show you effective results, you should practice this remedy for three weeks and you will see how moles and warts will fade out from your skin.
  • Another good treatment for removal of moles and warts naturally is dandelion root. You need to rub the root on the mole until the juice will smear mole completely. Practice it twice or thrice a day. It will gradually decrease the size of moles and warts until they will completely vanish and you will see it would become difficult to trace where actually they were on your skin.
  • Get some sour apples and extract their juice. You can use this juice to deal with moles on your skin. What actually you need to do is continuing this routine for 3 weeks regularly. Moles will gradually thin out and will start getting fade. It is effective remedy to vanish moles and warts from your skin permanently. Pay attention towards regularly continuing this application.

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